Food Commodities Import Services

Frunut is a leading importer of high quality nut and dried fruit commodities from leading international producers.  We are a trusted supply chain resource for some of the world’s largest food manufacturing companies. Review our Products to see the many varieties we offer. Contact us  to discuss your organization’s needs with our sales team.


Processing Services

In addition to import and distribution services, Frunut also processes and packages nuts.  Our large production capacity allows us to generate our own retail products,  as well as process and package nuts for client companies under their private brands. Our modern facility features rigid quality control, including computerized cleaning and sorting.  Every stage of production is closely monitored to guarantee the finest final product. Nut processing service options include cleaning, sorting, roasting, salting, chopping and packaging. Nut varieties include:

Chocolate Sourcing

For the convenience of our fruit and nut import clients sourcing ingredients for confectionary and other food manufacturing operations, we also offer supply chain services for commercial quantities of chocolate.

Packaging Options

Processed nuts are packaged according to the client’s specifications. Some packaging options include: Packaging services include storage in our warehouse prior to delivery. Contact us to discuss your imported nut processing and packaging needs.


Food Commodities Export Services

Since 2015 Frunut actively works for export and promotion of the Russian agricultural products to the foreign markets. First of all we are focused on the deliveries of the grain and bean products. We offer coriander, chickpeas,  and green lentils. We cooperate with the Russian best and most reliable suppliers, and offer products of the highest quality at the best prices.

Coriander frunut_coriander_seeds

Chickpeas frunut_chickpeas  

Green Lentils frunut_green-lentils

Yellow Peas frunut-yellow-peas